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Dinner on the porch and truffles!!

I haven’t updated in a while, oops!  I had chicken with peppers and pasta on the porch with my mom for dinner.  It was so nice out!  And I’m making truffles.  Pictures to come soon!  This picture is what they will look like: 

Seriously, those aren’t mine, but pretty much exactly what they will look like!!  Om nom nom nom!


Car crashes

Glad those are over!!  4 in a row that I was familiar with.  1st: Allie’s friend Courtney gets t-boned by a drunk driver on Wednesday, breaks her leg, wrist, and arm and was cut out of her car by the jaws of life.  Then on Thursday, Nick Adenhart from the Angels and CSUF students the following day get hit and killed by a drunk driver.  Then the next day, Friday, I call 9-1-1 at work because a drunk guy crashed right outside my restaurant then fled on foot.  AND THEN!!!  Today, Saturday during the day another accident outside my work, just a fender bender, but it caught on fire, and my co-worker had to called 9-1-1.  And can I just say, the dispatch lady was NOT calm!!  She was trying to get all this information from me and was telling it to the cops who were in pursuit of the guy who crashed and took off running.


Yea, interesting end to my Spring Break.

Photobooth + Boredom= Pics for you
















I’m bored waiting to hang out with friends later and caught myself taking way too many pictures of myself with photobooth.  And I wasn’t even playing with the themes!  Anyway, enjoy.  And as you can see, I’m still supporting The Rescue!

Big Love

So tonight I went to my friend Liley’s house to watch a show called Big Love that I had never heard of and it is great!  It’s on HBO so sadly I can’t watch it because I don’t get HBO and can’t because I kind of steal cable but not really… anyway that’s a whole other story.

So, this show Big Love is about a mormon guy who has 3 wives and they have 3 houses all next to each other and they share the backyard.  The wives think of each other as sisters, and the whole time I was thinking, how are they not jealous?!  I think it’s kind of weird to date more than one person, but to marry 3 people?  Crazy.  Anyway, the show is a bit funny, kind of Desperate Houswives-ish.  But it’s interesting to watch how they have to hide from the world.  You should definitely check it out

San Francisco

Bath houses


This weekend Vanessa and I went to San Fran and it was great!  The weather was beautiful so we pretty much walked all through S.F. and did some touristy things too.  Too bad we weren’t there longer (I think I say that evertime I go).  Some day when I go it will be permanently.


Monkey bench somewhere on Powell St. towards Chinatown.  We started in Castro, took the F above-ground trolley to Powell, walked up Powell towards Chinatown, walked through Little Italy and took the bus back home.  It was a nice little route.





Old Chinese men playing checkers in a park in Chinatown.  They were everywhere.  We just saw tons of huddles of Chinese men thinking they were playing games of some sort, maybe illegal gamblings, but no.  Just Chinese checkers.





Derek and Jessica outside of that triangle building (haha, I don’t know what it’s called).












Walking through a cove at the bathhouses.  It was super windy and the wave crashes were so loud in the cove.  Apparently people drown there often and there were bunches of flowers everywhere on the rocks from the families.










Jessica and the sunset at the bathhouses.  We somehow planned our day perfectly because it was sunny enough to see the bathhouses and the sun started to set as we were leaving and it was gorgeous.






The bathhouses!!!  It was such a beautiful day all my pictures came out perfect and clear.








Golden Gate Bridge during the sunset.  One of many photos I took, and they all came out great.  Check them out on my Facebook page.







Vanessa and I at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. The place is has an Aquarium, Planetarium, and Rainforest.  Sadly the Planetarium was booked up all day, but the place was still really cool!

Molly Marlette

Molly Marlette is a girl I went to high school with and she’s a new artist and she’s great!!  I think you should all check her out!  Her EP The Allumette will be on iTunes soon.

Official Website

Ofiicial YouTube

Facebook Fan Page

Official MySpace


I went to Disneyland today with Allie… yes sporting my IC Rescue tee.  We weren’t there for long but had fun anyway!